Tyler Ross

I recently completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) during which I undertook a thesis that focused on motivated cognition in response to numerical data presented in mainstream online news articles. My interests span across a range of psychological areas including environmental psychology and neuropsychology, along with judgement and decision making. At the CAIN Lab I am involved in exploring the cognitive consequences of cardiovascular surgeries, with a particular focus on delirium prevalence rates following coronary artery bypass grafting

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Brittany Child

I recently completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and I am currently undertaking a Vacation Research Scholarship under the supervision of Dr Keage. My project is concerned with exploring the relationship between cognitive reserve and performance on an old-new memory task, as assessed using both behavioural (accuracy) and electrophysiological (EEG) measures. This project makes use of data previously collected by CAIN Lab alumna Louise Lavrencic.

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Melissa Cava

I have taken on a voluntary role within the lab to assist in CAIN laboratory projects, where I specifically use psychophysiological and cognitive measures to assess ageing processes and neurological impairment. I have a passion for clinical research and using science to help improve quality of life; volunteering within the CAIN lab allows me to be an active participant in this process.

In addition to this role I also work as a sleep scientist, both research and clinical, and I am currently studying a Masters in Public Health. 

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